The Indian Cocoa Lab: researching and savouring..

Friends, chocolate lovers and prospective chocolate lovers!

The Indian Cocoa Lab is a space to explore and experiment with cocoa and chocolate. We are a community of learners with a basic intention to see if we can make our own chocolate directly from cocoa beans, given the preferences of taste, ingredients and even values we hold on to.

As chocolate lovers ourselves, we would love to share our experiments and learnings in chocolate making with the larger public through The Indian Cocoa Lab with the larger intention to democratise chocolate making. The idea is also to facilitate a preference(s) driven style in chocolate making, a healthier, safer and ethical alternative to many of the market chocolates.

Some of the driving factors behind initiation of this project are:

1) We once got curious about what goes into making chocolate. We learned that most of the chocolates available in the market and also the 'chocolate compounds' one gets to buy to make 'homemade chocolate' contains very less cocoa. There is a larger quantity of vegetable oil and vegetable fat in them. Emulsifiers and artificial sweeteners are used as well. Hence we wanted to see if we could make our own chocolate directly from cocoa beans at home, without the use of any sophisticated machinery.

2) Many of the popular international chocolate brands that operate in India employ child labour in their cocoa farms. We wanted to see if we could source beans directly from cocoa farms in India that involve ethical practices and make chocolate for our own consumption.

Our experiments with cocoa beans and chocolate involve minimum use of machines and zero use of external chemical based compounds or preservatives. We invite you to make your own chocolate and share with us your cocoa story!

Love and nourishment,

Team Indian Cocoa Lab.

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